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Our brands are Grotek, Gaia Green, Supergreen, and EarthSafe. Grotek has been producing since 1998 and is sold internationally. 

Greenstar Plant Products, Inc. is an internationally recognized leader in the manufacturing of plant nutrients.


Greenstar Plant Products, Inc. produces premium horticultural products and solutions for global, domestic and commercial use.

Our brands are utilized by commercial operators including growers, landscapers, greenhouses, nurseries, organic farms, as well as independent retailers. We manufacture plant products for both the retail and commercial market. Our vision is to cultivate mutually beneficial long-term relationships built on trust, quality horticultural products, and world-class service.

NOTICE: Until November 2017 Greenstar Plant Products was also a national distributor of a wide assortment of products for the lawn & garden and specialty gardening industries. Greenstar sold the distribution portion of the business, which is now GS Distribution, to focus entirely on manufacturing.

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