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Our facilities at Greenstar formulate, store, and distribute tonnes of dry and liquid nutrients through our extensive dealer network. We offer brands and product ranges built on a passion for growing plants - all with the goal to advance agricultural quality, through the use of key manufacturing processes and innovative research.


Our state-of-the-art facility in British Columbia, Canada features product development with a watchful eye on quality assurance and regulation standards - providing solutions to help care for plants, to enhance the intended results; with the knowledge of why. This will keep retail customers coming back time after time with confidence and ever building experience.


While improving our customers’ growing practices, we’re also dedicated to bringing together proven brands in a commercial environment for high-value yields. Through those unique brands, we’ve blazed the trail as trusted plant cultivation experts.


We offer our product in a variety of commercial bulk sizes to suit any scope of garden, hydroponic or agricultural need. If you wish to become a commercial customer, please contact our team to find solutions today: 604-882-7699

To learn more about Greenstar Plant Products' commercial solutions, click the links below to download our Organic Commercial Catalogue:

Organic Commercial Catalogue (English)

Organic Commercial Catalogue (French)

Greenstar Plant Products, Inc.

is proud to supply commercial solutions.

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