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Greenstar Plant Products, Inc.

is proud to supply retail solutions through our distribution partners:

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Greenstar is passionate about plant cultivation. Our expanding knowledge and sheer desire to provide customers with the best ingredients, made into the best products on the market, are driving factors in creating the world around us.


Offering a comprehensive range of brands, Greenstar brings the freedom and flexibility to how people want to grow. We provide full product lines of complete nutrient formulas with various N-P-K ratios, as well as nutritional supplements to meet the unique needs of plants at certain stages of growth.


The finest technical grade natural elements from the richest deposits around the world, are sourced, refined and formulated into complete solutions for use in any growing media. Our cost effective, highly concentrated solutions results in vigorous growth, blooming, and higher yields.


If you would like to supply your customers with our Greenstar brand products, please contact one of our listed distribution partners. Or contact us directly and we’d love to help: 604-882-7699

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